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International Child Protection Month was established in September 2014, as an initiative of Kidpower International, to support, inspire, and honor adult leadership in keeping young people safe from harm and in empowering children and teens to take charge of their own well-being. In late 2015, it became clear that the initiative should become an ongoing campaign and was renamed: The International Child Protection Advocacy Movement. International Child Protection Month will still be held every September.

In our first year, we reached over 300,000 adults. Our ongoing goal is to reach over 1 million educators, parents, and other caring adults with skills and resources for child protection every year.

Join our growing international community in taking positive, powerful action to stop bullying, violence, abduction, and abuse against young people in September — and every day of the year.  #ProtectAndEmpower

An invitation to Join International Child Protection Month:

Kidpower is a global nonprofit leader dedicated to child protection advocacy and education to keep kids safe from bullying, abuse, kidnapping, and other dangers – and to empowering people of all ages and abilities with skills for lifelong safety and confidence.

Although we do these activities all year long, Kidpower will make it a priority each September to promote International Child Protection Month as an opportunity to join with partners to learn and share together toward increasing awareness and understanding of what child protection means and the actions that each of us can take to make a difference.

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Interested in becoming a partner organization? Check out Our Partners and How Partners Make a Difference and email us at [email protected] to get started!

Press/Media contact:
Several of Kidpower’s and our partners’ leaders are available for press interviews about our activities to support International Child Protection Month.

Email questions or requests for interviews to media (at) kidpower.org.

Press Releases:

Aug. 28, 2014: Positive Coaching Alliance becomes a partner in International Child Protection Month

Sept. 2, 2014: Kidpower launches first annual International Child Protection Month in September





This special design for International Child Protection Month features a Kidpower Kite flown with the ribbon spelling out Empower & Protect

Kidpower Put Safety First Commitment Poster: "I WILL put the safety and well-being of young people ahead of anyone's embarrassment, inconvenience, or offense!"

Available as a downloadable poster in six languages!

Kidpower Protection Promise Poster: "You are very important to me. If you have a safety problem, I want to know - even if I seem too busy, even if someone we love will be upset, even if it's embarrassing, and even if you made a mistake. Please tell me and I will do everything in my power to help you."

Available for download as a poster in six languages!





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